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I am unable to login after registering.
There are several reasons why you might experience difficulty when logging in.

Make sure you are verified
When you registered, make sure that you received your verification email. It contains a link that you must click to verify your account. If when you login a message is displayed saying 'Account has not been verified', then this step has not been completed, and you can't login.

Make sure you check any Spam folder for the verification email. In the 'Verification Help' link on the main page you can re-send your verification email to yourself. You can also send yourself just your verification key from this page, which might help it get past spam-blocking software. Once you have that key, enter it in the 'Enter Verification Key' box on this page, and you can verify your email by clicking the 'Submit Verification Key' button.

Note: It is also possible that you had a typo in your email address when registering. Try to register again, and if your email is already in use, you will be told (this means the email address is ok).

The password you entered is wrong
Passwords are case sensitive, so 'password' and 'PASSWORD' are different. Make sure that you enter your password exactly as you did when you registered.

If that doesn't work, you can request a new password by clickin on the 'Lost your password' link of the main page. A new password will be assigned and emailed to you. You can use that password to login, and then go to your Personal Information page in My Account to change it to something more personal.

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