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Support / Membership FAQ

How do I register?
To register at Snapolis, click on the 'Register Free' link which appears on the home page. This will start a typical registration process where you will eventally need to verify your email account.

Once you have registered and validated your email account, log into the site. You will be braught to a 'My Account' page which lists a series of Alerts and Information items. One of your 'Alerts' will be that you haven't selected a Profile yet, and it will give you a list of links to activate your desired profile (Photographer, Model, or Makeup Artst).

In your selected profile, check the 'Active' option to activate your profile, type in a brief intro text (it is displayed in your profile), and whatever other options describe your services. Click 'Save' on the profile page to save your choices.

Please note: Our search rankings are now based on the data you provide. The more 'Alert' items in the My Account page you eliminate (each one has a link to a page to eliminate it by entering data), the higher your search ranking will be.

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