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About Us

Snapolis was the brainchild of an amateur photographer and geek who also has a model and makeup artist for siblings. It's goal is simple:
  • Be easy to use
  • Provide a means for anyone to locate a photographer, model, or makeup artist.
  • To provide an attractive and professional web presence to photographers, models, and makeup artists, free of charge.
  • To permit novices and semi-pros a means of contacting each other to build their own portfolios and experience.
After viewing sites offering similar capabilities, I decided that most seemed to care very little about their members. Childish-looking web pages, useless 'features', and very little guidance left their members with (in my humble opinion) an amateurish looking web presence. I certainly hope and expect that Snapolis will improve on those other sites.

There are a number of exciting things in development for Snapolis, which is admittedly a new site. I hope that you return and check things out periodically.

Thank you for reading this, and taking the time to check us and our members out.

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