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Support / Tips

For Photographers, Models, or Makeup artists:

  • Make sure your address and zip information is complete and accurate.
  • Enter your first and last name, and optionally the 'Company' name. Note that Company does not mean a legal corporation.
  • Activate the appropriate profile.
  • In your 'Introduction', write a professional-sounding representation of yourself, and make sure to spell-check it.
  • Avoid slang and poor grammar. Things like 'Yo, thanks for checking my web addie!!' paint a poor picture of your professional attitude.
  • Select your best pictures, and upload as many as you can.
  • Provide captions for all your images.
  • Only members with photos will be eligible for member of the Day or Week awards.
  • Submit pictures that meet, but do not exceed, the recommended dimensions in the gallery (resize them if needed, otherwise we will).
  • Fill in as much information as possible about your work, references, and resume.
  • Check your Contacts page daily and be responsive.

For all others:
  • Register for an account. It's free and allows you to contact more members.
  • Ignore the 'Alerts' on the My Account page (once logged in), they don't pertain to you.

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