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Free Hosting Offer

This special offer is eligible to the first 20 members (4 remain) who meet the requirements and submit a host account request below.

Active Free Hosting Accounts
We will host your Snapolis-driven website free of charge for 1 year (estimated $95 value). You must register your own domain name (we recommend GoDaddy) yourself, and we will assist you in in setting your domain information to our servers.

As a Snapolis-driven website, any changes you make to your profile (such as your image gallery, selected theme, contact data, etc.) will automatically appear on your web site. You will not need to upload files to your server or use any additional software to manage your site.

  • 50Meg disk space
  • 1G transfer
  • 1 EMail account with 10Meg mailbox
  • Page and content control via your account
  • You must be a registered Snapolis user
  • You must have activated your Photographer, Model, or Makeup artist profile
  • You must have at least 4 images in your gallery.
  • You must purchase your own domain name elsewhere, and be able to set its DNS values (with our assistance).
  • You must NOT have, or maintain, a seperate main domain as your actual site, and use the free site to link to it (see note below)
  • You must be logged in, and click the Request Free Hosting button below
  • You must provide your domain name to us within 2 weeks after requesting hosting
Note: This offer is intended to assist people who may not otherwise have the time or resources to manage a web site of their own. It is our goal to help these people, not persons who already maintain another 'official' website. We hope you can understand and respect our desire to help these individuals.

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