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Spam and Scam
Release: 01/08/2008

Happy Belated Holidays to all.

As some of you have already noticed, a couple people have been able to exploit the Snapolis contact system to send spam to our users.  They have done this not by any ingenious hacking attempt, but by merely following the site rules and sending the same email to each of our members in a tedious and time-consuming manner.

We take your privacy and time seriously, and have taken steps to address the issue.  First, the accounts that where registered have been disabled (thanks to all who reported the issue).  Second, we have implemented a 'Contact Allotment' to limit the number of messages a member can send in a 30-day period.

Currently, for non-members there is a 7-message allotment for a 30-day period.  Members can send 7 contacts within a 30-day period, for each month you have been a member.  That means if you registered 15 days ago, you can send 7 messages.  If you regsitered 2 months ago, you can send 14 messages.  If you registered a year ago, you can send 84 messages, and so on.

Please note that the contact system is not meant to serve as a message board, but simply a means to establish contact with an individual.  After contact is established, you are encouraged to maintain contact outside the Snapolis site.

Hopefully this will lessen any nuisance caused by spammers and give us enough time to deactive members that abuse the system.


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