505 Photography

About Us

505 Photography is a Canadian owned company with studios located in downtown Vancouver. Utilizing the latest digital equipment we offer a full range of photographic services. Our aim is to deliver high quality work that meets our project goals and exceeds our clients expectations.

Working together with our clients we have been consistently delivering quality images for use online and in print for the past 4 years. With experience in sales, marketing, computer science, and of course photography; we can help you realize your project goals too.

At the core of our business is photographer Chris Halket and Marketing Coordinator Scott Carmichael. Working as a team we are able to take full advantage of our individual strengths. On the creative side Chris applies technical skill, an eye for design and the ability to identify with his subjects. Chris works hard to craft stunning and beautiful images of anything he points his camera at. Scott on the other hand is dedicated to the business end of things. Organized, hard working, and patient Scott keeps things running smoothly.

As leaders in technology, 505 Photography is on the cutting edge of interactive 360 degree photography with a focus on the photography. We constantly strive to improve on our work and are currently one of the only commercial full screen virtual tour providers in North America. There is simply no better way to illustrate a location. Technical mastery aside, it is our professional understanding of visual communication that makes our work truly shine.

Chris likes to say, "We don't take pictures, we craft photographic illustrations."

Please take some time to browse our portfolio, if you have any questions or comments contact us directly.

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