Ton Reijnaerdts

A thing of Beauty is a joy forever ...


In fact I am a professional musician and I own a record company, TRA Records.

As a photographer I am self-taught. From an early age I developed a special love for architecture (exterior and interior), landscape and nature photography. For many years I worked at first with black-and-white photography and had my own darkroom, but with modern technical advancements especially of the 24x36mm colour film and the upturn of digital techniques, the darkroom was replaced by a computer which had a great amount of possibilities for editing photographs, without having to worry about breathing in unhealthy fumes, or spillage of expensive photographic material. Recently I started to work fully digital.

You can see more than 1000 of my photographs on the website Ton Reijnaerdts' Photo Gallery. Main subject is the province of Limburg in the southern Netherlands, where I live. Three galleries are about the landscape of South-Limburg. Also the castles are not forgotten. Two galleries are about the towns of Maastricht and Roermond. One gallery is about different forms of photography: black & white, flowers, portrait, architecture, interior, travel