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 I am a 34 year old self-taught photographer residing in Davis, California. My 
first attempts at photography started at about the age of twenty four years ago
at the age of ten shooting anything I found interesting from flowers to people
to inanimate objects with an old Kodak Brownie I purchased for two dollars at a
garage sale.
In 2001 I began to do photography on a more professional level shooting models for fashion, glamour, the occassional wedding. However, my
passion has always lied in the more artistic side of photography, which has led
to several local showings of my prints. Outside of the usual nude art
photography I like to photograph objects in ways that get people to see them in
a completely different way.
 I have many more photography projects in mind for the future. Some will be short series of photographs. Some will be
on-going projects. I also plan on self publishing a series of books of my art
photography starting later this year.
Being that I come from an artistic family I have been doing some form of art for
as long as I can remember.From drawing to painting, pottery and photography.
Although I do still have an interest in all of those my focus,no pun intended,
has pointed more toward photography.
 I have been asked by many what my focus is for my art photography. This is something that, to me, is difficult to
answer due to the fact that I photograph what I like and I like so many
subjects.The only true focus in my art photography is to provoke thought, get
people talking, and to hopefully inspire creativity in others.
 Over the last 5 years I have experimented with alternative printing processes. I have
considered editioning my prints or perhaps only edition a select few. However,
due to my printing and editing techniques mimmicking traditional darkroom
techniques, my prints are all one of a kinds.As apposed to most photographers
who make and edit one image and make all prints from that single image so that
they are all identical.
 I have been afflicted with what I called the artist`s curse.I am always coming up with new ideas for an art photography
series. Far more than I will ever actually be able to do in my lifetime.

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