I'm one of the best known photographers in the world. My photos appear regularly in major international magazines, books, on TV, etc. I've done this professionally for more than thirty years. I specialize in glamour and nude photography.

I've written 21 books on photographic subjects and many thousands of magazine articles during my career. From the mid-1970s until mid-2003 I was with Shutterbug magazine, and wrote hundreds of articles for them.  I also have written for PhotoPro magazine, Photo Techniques, eDigital Photo magazine, Professional Photographer, Rangefinder, and other US photography magazines. I've recently accepted the job of Technical Editor of Digital Camera Magazine and you will see my articles and photography in every issue of that magazine. I write photo articles for Amateur Photographer magazine in the UK, Zoom magazine in Italy, Color Foto magazine in Germany, and Fotomagazin in Russia.

The most recent exhibition of my photography was at Echo Gallery in Chicago until January 24th, 2004. You can see details at the gallery's web site.


Ive gotten many models started in successful careers and am always willing to work with beginning models in developing their portfolios.

I\'m available to do model portfolios and shoot photos for model websites, etc. I can do this work on a TFP basis with good models if I can also produce photos during the shoot that I can use for my book, magazine and internet projects.

I also teach other photographers all aspects of professional photography and am available for one and two day one-on-one workshops specially tailored to the individual needs of the photographer. E-mail me for information.